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Condom break and unprotected oral.

Hello, I had sex with a hooker and the condom obviously snapped and I pulled out  I then got unprotected oral sex until ejaculation in her mouth.  I felt a little unwell 3 weeks after. I went to planned parenthood clinic at the 1 month mark and got their rapid test which was negative.  How reliable do you think that test is at 1 month or do I have to go back at 3. Thanks
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Oral is zero risk, so that is irrelevant. If you continued having vaginal after the condom broke then you had a risk for that encounter. If their test was a duo, then it is conclusive after 1 month, so you don't have to test again. You will have to ask them if they used a duo test. Any other test has a 3 month window.
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Thank you very much. I pulled out right after it snapped. I’ll have to ask them what they used. They pricked my finger and filled up two small long tube things. I never had a rapid test take so much blood.
It is just about impossible to get hiv from such a short unprotected encounter, and if she made you use a condom she is likely neg. anyway, otherwise she would be wasting money on condoms (because she only cares about protecting herself.)
That is a good point. I appreciate your answer, thank you.
4th generation tests are often given as rapid tests/finger prick tests. Likely it was 4th generation. Besides it being probably so brief that it would be unlikely to transmit HIV, a one time exposure is low risk in general with a transmission rate of less than 1 percent. It's good to test though to be sure. If it has been 28 days since the exposure and it was a 4th generation test, your test is conclusive.
I asked the planned parenthood and they said it was a 4th Gen test so my 1 month was fine. Phew. For the future, condoms that don’t break is no risk for HIV right? Also blow jobs without a condom? Even if I have foreskin right. Anyway, I’m relieved that you guys gave me the courage to go back to ask what test it was so thank you for that and the advice.
Yes condom prevents hiv, which is why most sw require them.
hiv is a fragile virus, dead in air or saliva so that's why sex workers don't require a condom for that. She is probably neg anyway, as I mentioned.
Thank you so much, I feel much better now.
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