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***4th Generation HIV ag/ag Combo Test***


any one know where to get "4th Generation HIV ab/ag Combo Test" in (Dallas TX, USA)

i dont see any where in and around this city.

please help me if any body know it.

thank you sooo much..
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hi any one know abt the test plz
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Hi, did you ever find a place in Texas offering the combo test?  I'm in Houston area looking for somewhere to take it
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It's an excellent test at 4 weeks but follow up at 3 months.
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I agree, however can't find anywhere to get it done in the Houston area. Any ideas?
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Sorry,I'm from sydney Australia but keep looking because it's a top test.
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can't see where you ever had a risk.

blacking out and thinking you were raped or sodomized is not very rational thinking
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I agree it's not rational think however it has a happened before.
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Had he been sodomized like Dr. Hook has already advised, he would have known it.
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Thats true,you would know if that had happened to you--don't test.
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Thanks to both of you two! It's much appreciated
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You're welcome
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