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4th gen test results for hiv exposure unknown status

I have tested negative on 4th gen lab test. At day 17/30/44 after exposure.   M2F (I’m M). Female status unknown and she’s a sex worker.  Unprotected sex.   I still have symptoms and I under tremendous amount of stress.  There’s a lot of info on google but non are clear.   Should I put faith in these tests?
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You were already fully answered that your test on day 44 was conclusive.
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Oral, anal or vaginal unprotected?
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Oral virginal  unprotected
You only need to test once after 28 days, so you are conclusive negative. You can move on now.  
You never had any hiv symptoms since you don't have hiv. See doc if concerned instead of wasting more time self diagnosing and fixating on the only disease you can think of. First step to peace is stop googling cold turkey, 2nd is stop looking at your body for hiv symptoms that don't exist also cold turkey - otherwise you will continue to suffer with fear.
Good point and I have been doing exactly what you stated.  
Been having lots of pins / needles feet and hands.   I tested again at day 65 using 4th gen test.  All negative.    Doctor can’t figure out what’s the pins/needles sensation from.   E negative test uo to day 65.  Is that conclusive?  What do you make out for the constant pins/needles.
This is not a pins forum. It's an hiv forum and you don't have hiv - you just have hiv fixation.
You have no medical training so are wasting your time trying to self-diagnose that you are infected with the only disease you can think of.
Thank You.   But it’s hard to let it go when these symptoms don’t stop.  Is it true window period is 45 days for 4th gen test blood from vein?  
I tested twice in two days. At day 64 and day 65.  Using 4th generation.     All negative thank god.        
Consider therapy for your hiv fixation and repeated questions that were answered.
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