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ARS Symptoms

April 2nd unprotected one time vaginal encounter with CSW.  April 9th developed fever of approximately 38.5 degrees. Next day presented with sore throat that was isolated only to the right side, very painful, also what I perceived was a swollen gland, again right side neck area only. Fever went away at about 72-96 hours, sore throat about 96.

Was able to work and just felt like I had flu. I did develop about 2 1/2 days into the illnes many ulcers on my tongue  and mouth, quite painful, which does scare me since many websites list them as primary ARS symptoms, even go so far as to advise physicians their presence can point away from other viral infections and more towards HIV. There was never any rash.

I do not live in the USA, I work abroad but live in country with a prevalence rate of .2 percent. of 18,000,000.
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We don't talk about symptoms because lack of or symptoms will not tell you anything about HIV.
A test now will give you a good indication, but at 3 months it is conclusive.

Use condoms.
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Thanks, is there any typically accepted incubation period and duration of ARS in the HIV community it is just too variable?
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Don't want to be pain, but like some feedback, can anyone let know if this ars like, ulcers have me concerned, all opinions appreciated, thanks for time
Seems like an early onset, sort duration as well as if the lymphatic we're swollen I understand its general not local
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2-4 weeks is when ARS would start. But people may or may not get symptoms.
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