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ARS Timeline - Quite Anxious

Hello All,

I'm new to the community and had a question.  I had a single unprotected encounter (vaginal) with an unknown women.  4.5 days later, I developed pain in a single groin lymph node that was measured at 3.3cm by 3.3cm by ultrasound.  I developed a slight fever / night sweat on Day 6 that didn't last too long.  No sore throat, rash, etc.

There's a lot of conflicting information on the web about ARS timelines.  What is the realistic timeframe for ARS Symptoms?  Can they happen as quick as 4-5 days?  Can ARS cause a single lymph node to swell?

Thank you.
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NO ONE uses symptoms or lack thereof to determine whether someone is likely to have HIV or not.

Your "symptoms" are way too early and no, it would not just be a lymph node.  Forget about symptoms and take a 4th generation test at least 28 days after your encounter to know your status.
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Thank you @CurfewX, very helpful.   What is the typical timeframe for ARS symptoms?
Reread about "no one."
Try to relax until you can test. When was the encounter.

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