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Condom Slipped halfway/Given PEP TLD/Pain in inner upper right thigh

I had a sexual encounter with a woman of unknown HIV status on the 26th of February. I used a condom,and put lube inside & outside the condom. I penetrated her from behind and she closed her legs, causing her vaginal muscles to contract.

She is well endowed, so this had the effect of squeezing my penis and clutching onto the condom. This caused the condom to slip up ( I heard it slip) to where only the head of my penis and about 1cm or so under it (on the shaft) was covered (see illustration).

Almost immediately, I withdrew my penis. I now worry that when the condom slipped upwards, it may have exposed my inner foreskin to the HIV in her vaginal juices. I however cannot say this happened for sure I am just assuming it did. I thought about my risk and remembered reading that HIV infects the cells inside the foreskin and this exacerbated my fears.

I went in and got PEP (Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate/Lamivudine/Dolutegravir) 30 tablets to be taken once per day at the same time. I took the first pill 48 hours after the incident and have done so religiously.

I have a strong feeling she might actually  be HIV+ and possibly on medication (I don’t know for sure), but what I do know is that she has numerous partners. I have the following concerns:

1. Did I have a risk to warrant PEP (note I live in Zimbabwe, which has a high incidence rate)?
2. I took the 1st pill at 17:35pm, 48 hours post exposure. Would it still be effective? I completely panicked and went on to do this in fear.
3. Say she’s HIV+ and on ART, does that lower the viral load in her genital secretions which would lower my chances of contracting HIV?

    On the night of day 14 of taking PEP (12th of March), I developed a very worrying symptom - pain in my inner upper right thigh. After searching the internet, I've come to realize that area is called the inguinal area and there are lymph nodes there. I carefully examined the area but could not feel any swelling (just moderate pain). There was mild pain whenever I probed that area or when I sat down. I felt completely fine aside from this. The pain lasted all day the next day (day 15) and by evening, it was mostly gone. Was this a swollen lymph node? Could this have been ARS?

I have not had any other symptoms (no fever, no headache, no muscle pains, no rash, no sore throat).  Other than the pain on my upper right thigh, I haven't had any other symptoms.

I am now terrified because I read that swollen lymph glands are a symptom of HIV ARS? Has PEP failed and did I actually sero-convert on day 14? Would ARS occur as that being the only symptom without a fever or other symptoms?

I am finishing PEP on the 26th of March. Although I have been taking the pills every single day at  I feel like giving up because I am scared that I might have seroconverted already. I do not know. Please help me as I am very worried about this incident and am regretting everyday. I feel like my life is over because of a stupid mistake.
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This is unnecessarily long and burdensome to read.

The only question that needs answering is - did the condom cover the head of your penis during intercourse? If the answer is "yes," you were never at risk for HIV and did not need PEP or testing.

If no, then test using a 4th-generation test at least 28 days after your last dose of PEP.
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Sorry for such a long post. Yes, it covered the head of my penis indeed, but what I'm worried about is if part of my inner foreskin part that may not have been covered as I'm not circumcised. I read somewhere that HIV can infect through the foreskin? Also, what about the pain that I felt in my inner upper thigh (later found out to be the inguinal area) for a day or so on Day 14 of PEP? Could that have been ARS and a failure of PEP?
That's not a symptom of HIV. No one who gets symptoms just gets one minor issue. That is NOT what ARS is like at all. You would have been extremely ill.

I don't know if you had a risk or not. The only way you can know your status for sure is to test at the appropriate time.
Thank you for helping me calm my fears. And yes, swollen lymph nodes in my right groin area wouldn't be the only symptom. I reached out to the girl in question, she says she's Negative, but can you really trust someone's word? She has tattoos on her thighs (possibly indicative of loose morals). Also, another guy also called her when we were on a date together (she might be banging him too). I'm just making worst case assumptions here. I live in Zimbabwe, a country with a high prevalence rate. What I do know is that if by some miracle I get through this, I won't be having sex ever again. Never, ever. Thank you so much for your help and I will keep you posted on this.
Morals have nothing to do with HIV. A person having tattoos, and the location of tattoos, also has nothing to do with morals OR HIV. You had intercourse with someone you don't know very well, whose HIV and STD status are unknown to you, so you're not really in a position to question anyone else's morals.

Best of luck to you with your HIV testing and results.
hiv doctors can't diagnose from symptoms so no one here pays attention to poster's claims of symptoms. I have read thousands of posts here from people who claimed to have self-identified hiv symptoms, but NONE of them tested positive. Obviously the mind played tricks on almost all of them, and the only ones who had similar symptoms to hiv were just coincidentally sick with a flu etc.
Therefore, you should stop searching the net for hiv symptoms cold turkey and stop studying your body for symptoms cold turkey. Instead you should test to receive an immediate answer.
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