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HIV Risk with Condom


I had a completely protected encounter with a female of unknown status.  I checked the condom afterwards, it was intact, all semen collected at the top of it, no signs of leakage, it did not slip.  I'm wondering if I need to test for HIV or if I had any risk to HIV from this encounter?  
The only reason I became concerned is that I developed a sore throat and heavy cough in the upper chest approximately 2 weeks after the encounter that lasted 3-4 weeks.  Some minor muscle pain as well that lasted a few days.  No fever or rash.

Thank you.
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You are making it up because you're still fixated on this.
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Actually I'm not making this up and am taking back by your presumptive response.  That post you referenced was over 1 year ago, of which I did get tested based on the advice given on the post,  and it was negative.    The question I'm asking about in this recent post was from an event that occurred January 2024.  Any response / guidance on my question is appreciated.
Oh, I skipped a year when I looked at the date of your post. The timeline neatly matched up except I didn't notice it was Dec 2022 instead of 23.
There was specific advice about the uselessness of attempting diagnosis from symptoms in the previous advice. Reread about "NO ONE uses..."  and move on.
Most unmasked people got flu or Covid this year so you should have expected that instead of a disease you can't catch when you used a condom.
btw, if a condom fails it rips wide apart and is hard to remove because of the ring, so a close inspection is a waste of time.
No problem re. the earlier post, I understand the confusion.  I greatly appreciate the response and all you do on this forum.   Thank you for the guidance.   I need to get my anxiety back in balance.
First step to peace is to stop looking at your body for symptoms cold turkey. 2nd is to stop googling symptoms cold turkey.
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