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ARS and cold symptoms


I just wanted to know if anyone here can clear something up for me....

I know cold and flu symptoms are different..I have had both and most ppl will agree.  I understand some can be similiar.  My question is if one has "cold symptoms" ie productive cough, very minor runny nose could this be ARS symptoms?

I had NO fever NO sore throat (minor from coughing) NO rash, NO swollen nodes...just post nasal drip (i assume), cough that brought up plegm...
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Did you have an exposure?
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Why are these typical symptoms?
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Please can you help...are these typical symptoms?
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What was your risk?
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I see your point but my question is not a risk question it is regarding ARS and if "typical cold symptoms" are the symptoms of ARS
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If you believe you have been exposed to HIV and want help to judge your risk, would like advice about HIV testing, or have questions about the effectiveness of condoms or risks associated with specific sexual practices, this is the site for you.
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O.k I understand...here is my situation..

Met a girl in China...went back to the hotel.  Here is what concerns me...

1)  She gave me a BJ for litterly 5-10 seconds?

2)  Fingered her and masterbated myself with the same hand (I think)  then the worst part...I saw some blood on my finger!!  She must of either just started her period or just finished it because there was not that much blood...

My concern is that during the night I masterbated myself and I worry I had blood and/or vaginal fluids on the hand then touched my penis...and I am not circumsized...
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You never had a risk of contracting HIV.
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thanks for the reply...but I have one question...the concern about my foreskin and if blood and/or fluids touched it has me wondering.  I understand the science of why foreskin is a concern but does it need to have cuts or micoscopic abrasions that happen during intercourse or are the cells that the virus are attracted to lay on the forskin just waiting?
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also,  is it typical to have fever with ARS?  I have read on a few sites John hopkins AIDS FORUM being one that said a fever with ARS is virtually always present..is this something you agree with?
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Yes in someone that has had a risk Fever is almost always involved in ARS. But you never had a risk so this would not be a concern for you.

Once ANY fluid containing the HIV virus is exposed to air it becomes inactive and unable to infect. This is why nothing you describe above put you at any risk.

Your cold symptoms have NOTHING to do with HIV
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