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ARS or common infection?

On Friday I went to the doctor because I had a bad fever and my throat hurt (right behind my tonsils) whenever I swallowed. She told me it was a throat infection and prescribed a 3 day azithromicine treatment, which ended yesterday. However I still feel "overheated" (I feel hot even when it's a bit chilly, I start sweating as soon as I get in bed and I sweat randomly, specially from my palms and feet) also I feel my body not to be fully recovered, as if it doesn't fully "wake up" throughout the day and finally I also got a bad cough. If what I had was a throat infection I presume I would have healed by now. Can It be ARS?? My last encounter was on October 11. I had oral sex with two other men. Both giving and receiving. Ejaculation was outside the mouth but I might have gotten a bit on my tongue. And I definitely swallowed some pre-cum. Now, I know the stance here is Oral sex carries no risk. However I've also read that though not very risky oral sex is not 100% risk free. That night I was drunk (which I heard affects the immune system) and I also had eaten chips and nachos which usually create tiny cuts because of the salt and texture. As I write this the weather is cool, but I feel hot and my hands are sweating a lot. Do you think this might be a sign of HIV infection??
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Oral sex is not a risk for HIV and you are not going to be the first.
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No need to test. But get tested if you are worried and collect your negative result.
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But I read this on an hiv organization site: unprotected oral sex (if you're providing the mouth; this is a much lower risk than the others but its still a risk) also I went to another dictor who prescribed a stronger treatment yet my fever's not going away. I dont understand and am very scared!!
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All sites base that on theoreticals. There has never been anyone infected by HIV by oral sex. And the reported claims have all been based on false reporting. And very large studies have been done essentially proving Oral sex is no risk. It simply does not infect people that way. Don't read the internet because all it will do is fuel your anxiety.
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You don't need testing. But for peace of mind you can take an HIV duo test that will give you conclusive result. The result will be negative.
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