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Well two weeks after oral sex M/M both ways I got 4 bright red,flat non itchy [I guess you would call them] pimples with to red streak marks associated with them just below my right breast. I will test soon but am I correct that an HIV rash is almost always associated with a fever,soar throat etc.? I have read and learned a lot abuot HIV but need a little input from some of the experts.
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In most cases ARS manifests as a high fever, a very sore throat and sometimes a rash. You do not have ARS as you were never at risk from HIV.
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There was two pimples with another two just below them. The thing that make me think it was a rash is the red streaks but even the streaks were separate like you just ran your two figures past them and left a mark. they lasted about 3 days

. I see your a Nurse and deal with skin. I don't even know if this would be considered a rash. Hard for you to tell without seeing them I know.

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I don't really deal with skin. But having a rash can be for a multiple of reasons. HIV isn't one of them
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One more question my friend.
would two pimples two on top and two about an inch below with two narrow red steaks running in a line though them be a rash? the red steaks look as if I had run my nails along a line scratching them. The red  only lasted a few hours and the pimples about 3 days
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those red streaks under your skin could be strep or staph bacteria (from the pimple) entering and inflaming your lymph vessels.  pimple could be caused by a variety of bacteria.  But you might consider to see a doctor if getting worse, to get antibiotics.

skin infections can be contagious, so skin to skin contact with your partner could be the cultprit, but so could have been a hot tub.

you had unprotected oral sex.  although rare, hiv transmission does occur via this route and you should be tested.
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I guess oral has a slight risk according to all who study it however most here say no risk. Anyway, these pimples lasted about a week. the red only a day or so. Sure doesn't sound like ARS that I have read With no fever and no other symptoms I hope I am OK. I have been tested in the past but this on because of the pimples [rash?] I will be very nervous. I hope oral is as safe as they say.
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First, oral sex is NOT a risk for HIV. Therefore, the "rash" you are experiencing (it sounds more like run of the mill acne) is NOT HIV related.
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The UK national guidelines state that oral sex is a mode of transmission of HIV.

Methods to reduce transmission, such as not brushing teeth prior to sex, have an evidence rating of level IV, C (the lowest level).

Get tested and start using condoms (although condoms can break).
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somehow I feel that my luck has run out. To make things worse I looked on Google images and saw a rash just like the one I had. My only hope is the Dr. say on this site that oral is not a risk and the rash almost always has a fever. I did have tender nodes on the left side of my throat also but who knows. It has been 9 weeks now so I will go get tested.  
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I don't know if this will come through. The big picture has the two red lines like mine but I DID NOT have all the additional redness only 4 bright red pimples with those two stripes.

Also the DR that were on this site were some of the leading experts in HIV in the country. Thank you for taking an interest in my problem.

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Great info thanks I have followed Dr Hook and Huntsfield and know these two are the best. I wonder why they stopped their services. Also Teak and Nursegirl were very knowledgeable. I am going to test in a week and I will be scared as can be.
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