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Afraid to death... Unprotected sex with CSW

Hello everyone! Nice to find a good site like this to ease my anxiety and depression... Im very drunk with my friends on May 21 and we end up picking some prostitutes. Due to my poor judgement and not thinking right cause of alcohol i ended up having sex unprotected vaginal sex to a csw for about 2mins, no oral sex and i didnt kiss her lips... I was wasted that night and i did ejaculated inside her vagina.. Now im worried i dont know if i catch any STD or HIV i know having unprotected sex with an CSW is not a right.. I feel stupid and hopeless...

After my exposure 2-6 weeks developed symptoms dry mouth, trush, flu, 2days diarrhea, fatigue, tingling pins and pain all over my body, at 7week developed lymp node back of neck and under my ear..

1week after exposure took HIV rapid test and check western blot - Negative
4weeks after exposure took RPR test and Other STD Hepa's -Negative
9weeks 64days after exposure took HIV rapid test - Negative

My question:  
1. Is my 9 weeks (64days) negative result is conclusive? Should i feel confident about these result?
2. Does anyone in this site tested negative at 8-10 weeks and tested positive at 13 weeks (3months) ?

Hoping someone can help me to ease my depression and axiety... Promise to myself i will not do this stupid thing again...

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your 9 week negative test result is a GREAT indication of your status.  test at 3 months for a conclusive result.  
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Thanks! Hope everything will be fine... But honestly i'm still worried.. Is it possible or likely that i am in fact HIV negative? Anxiety is killing me... I know  gonna wait till my 3month mark ill post my result here... Anyone tested here 8-10weeks negative and tested again in 13weeks went positive?
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The only test results you need to concern yourself with is your own. Use condoms and you won't find yourself in this predicament.
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