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Can anybody tell me to how extent is ag/ab test is accurate ?
When should i make it to be 100% accurate ?
What is meant by CMIA ?
appreciate alot as i am dying of fear .
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OH DEAR.You weren,t paying attention were you.You are already 100% Hiv negative and your 5 Month test is 100% conclusive.You don,t require any further testing.Your safe now stop worrying.
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But i see people says test may be 99.9 % accurate and i am affraid to be from this 0.01 % undiscovered people .
I am married and affraid to destroy my family
Also i am going on immigration processes and affraid to be stuck at medical examination ???
Appreciate your help my dear
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Please.At 5 months your 110% Hiv negative.There are people on this forum that would give their right arm for that result.Kindly move along and be happy with your family.You don,t have an Hiv concern.All the best.
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