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Am I having right treatment, How much risky is this..

I am a  26 years healthy man, Two days back i had sex with sexworker in India, I used 2 condoms while having sex, unfortunately both condoms were teared off, within a minut i knew what happened.. I took off my penis immediately and washes under tap water.
I asked sexworker weather she is HIV positive of not, she said she is not, but i cant trust her...
   then i decided to go for PEP, i took consultatio from one of professional doctors and started my treatment within 48 hrs of exposure.. i am having 2 tablets daily one is combition of (Stavudine + Lamivudine) and second one Efavirenz.

on basis of above information given above i have some question.

1 how much risk of getting hiv infection is there in my situation.
2 weather i am having right kind of medication.
3 what is success rate of PEP in general.

waiting for reply....
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Learn how to you condoms correctly. You shouldn't have been given nPEP.
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sure, i will.
but why u said that i shouldn't have been given PEP, I am at lower risk, or any other reason??
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The guidelines for nPEP is when you have had an exposure to someone KNOWN to be HIV POSITIVE.
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ya, HIV status of sexworker is unknown, which puts me in risk if she is HIV positive...
for safer side i decided to have PEP..
do u have any experience in PEP, r u a doctor???
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Check out his profile.  He knows what he is talking about.
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Yes I have a lot of experience with nPEP or I wouldn't have told you, you shouldn't have been given it. It's not an asprin. It can cause liver and kidney damage and can cause severe allergic reactions that can lead to death.
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so tell me teak, is worth taking risk???
should i stop takig pills... r u sure i will not get infection??
for sure i had an exposure to unknown source... may be positive or negative even... tell me what should i do???
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Not sure if you will get infected even if you do take it.
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will you please elaborate what exactly you wnt to tell me...
or what exactly should i do...
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Who prescribed you nPEP?
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I made a call to local HIV/AIDS helpline, told them about my case, they diverted my call to HIV (PEP) spealist doctor after discussing with her she prescribed me PEP.
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