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Anal sex

I buttomed in an unprotected anal sex. There was no precum and he did not cum inside me. He said he is on prep. He seems healthy and fit.
He told me not to worry since he tested a month ago and havent had any sexual practice since.
Regreting doing it increases the anxiety. It has not been more than a day. Should I do pep? Or there is no need?
When to test and how to test? Its my first time exposure. I do not know anything and what to do.
Please help.
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Well, that's a bummer. Never let anyone talk you into having unprotected sex unless you are in a monogamous relationship.  Do you know him? He says he is on Prep (to make sure HE doesn't get HIV).  Hopefully he was. A one time exposure like this is low risk of less than one percent.  That means there is 99 percent chance you did NOT acquire HIV from this. But it still was a risk, even though low. No, you do not need PEP though.  That is reserved for people that have had unprotected sex with someone that is KNOWN to have HIV. It's a hard course of medication to take.  Not warranted in this case. It is very unlikely that you got HIV from this but you should take a test a 4th generation DUO test at 28 days or beyond.  
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Thank you for answering and easing my anxiety.
He did send me his test results which he did on October 3rd 2021, and was negative. The test was HIV 1,2 Ab's, P24 Ag - and is negative. He said before that he always had protected sex, and prep started a month ago.
I am sorry to interfere .. this site is very trustable and honestly the admins doing great  effort .
As a volunteer I have advise for this case specifically . I am not expert , I just got some experience from following this forum here and some other websites I followed after single different exposure.
I advise to start PEP as early as possible then talk to ur friend and ask him to test even if you will pay the cost of the test .. if he is negative stop PEP  ... if positive continue PEP.
as they informed you here it is  low risk exposure so no need to worry and be careful next time .
He absolutely does NOT need pep. Please check your advice before trying to supply it.
DiscreetGuy, that he followed through and sent you his results, etc.  Your risk was very low.  You do not need PEP and any responsible doctor would not give it to you as it is hard to take and unwarranted.  It's reserved for a true risk with someone KNOWN to be HIV +.  Instead, you've done a great job following up. Take a 4th generation DUO test at 28 days or beyond.  If you are comfortable asking him to take an HIV test right now, I guess you can.  But I would not be worried about this situation giving you HIV.
I will do a test at 28 days and hope its negative. If pep is not recommended in my case, I will not take it.
Hopefully, everything is fine. I do trust him since he told me so many time he is negative and tests every 3 months. And showed me his last 4 test.. which was every 3 months.
Thank you for your help.
You sound very reasonable and this person does sound trustworthy. I would not be worried but test at 28 days to conclude this matter. all the best to you.
Today I have got a  severe stomachache. And headache. Does this has anything to do with hiv? I have a mild fever as well.
hiv docs can' t diagnose from symptoms so you shouldn't try either. You had a zero risk experience if he told the truth that he used protection after his test - so that is what you should be focusing on to try to stay relaxed if you can while you wait for a test.
Can I test before 28 days after exposure? Too much waiting will drive me insane. Im planning to test once every month for 6 months. But when should I test as soon as possible?
No, wait until 28 days. Stay busy, stay off the internet and expect the result to be negative as it MOST likely will be.
Hello again,
I did an hiv combo test, HIV Ag/Ab Combo Assay, 22 days after the exposure. It came back negative. The doctor at the clinic said it is conclusive since it was 21 days after the exposure, and this tests gives accurate results after testing 21 days after the exposure, and no need for another testing. Is it true? Should I test again at some point or the results are conclusive?
Thank you for helping
Our advice is based on the test manufacturers' guidelines and advice from experts in the field of HIV.  The advice to test at 28 days WILL NOT CHANGE.
Could the results change in a 6 days?
Obviously they could, or we would not have advised you that the test is NOT conclusive until at least 28 days have passed.
I did an hiv rapid and HIV combo test at 125 days and was negative. To what extent is it conclusive and trustworthy?  And should I test again at 6 months?
As I advised you previously, your test would have been conclusive long ago.  You don't need any more tests.  You don't have HIV.

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