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Broken Lip Kiss/Risk situations

Please don't blindly post a response if you are John Doe with no knowledge other than street hearsay.  Unless you happen to be one of the Dr.s please give sources for any statistics studies quoted.  I know the rate of transmission for open mouth kissing are almost nil, but this post goes beyond that.


I was leaving a club after a long night of drinking and met a girl outside who was probably just as drunk.  We made out for 10-15 seconds and she bit my lip hard enough that when I got home I noticed broken skin and red bite marks similar to if I had bitten myself while eating.  After being offered oral I got out of the situation realizing how bad/risky it could get.  I was not aware enough to know if the girl had sores or blood in her mouth, which is why I made a quick exit when I realized how trashed I was.  I got home about an hour later and rinsed my mouth with hydrogen peroxide and a mouthwash similar to Listerine.  My questions are:

1) I have read that saliva does not carry hiv well and has some anti-hiv properties.  I have also read that alcohol impairs these properties, but to what extent?
2) If the girl had bleeding gums and broken my lower lip with a bite how efficient must the blood to blood path be (will one drop of blood or less carry enough virus to cause an infection?
3) What if that girl had given oral to someone else 10 minutes prior to meeting (possible) me and still had some nasty in her mouth when this incident happened?  How does that change the situation?
4) I've heard that there needs to be a sufficient concentration of the virus to cause infection, providing that there is the possibility the body can fight the virus to some extent and prevent infection.  Is this a correct interpretation, that the body has the ability to prevent infection by small quantities by fighting them off?
5) Does fluid from a herpes sore also contain HIV (found nothing on the web after days of searching)?  What is the relative concentration to that of blood or semen?
6) Is it possible and likely to get herpes from someone that is HIV+, but not get HIV from that person during the transmission of herpes?
7) Is using Hydrogen Peroxide to rinse my mouth a wise choice?  Does it destroy HIV? I hear it slows healing which could indicate it destroys the protective membrane formed while healing, thus allowing the virus to enter the wound.  Is this correct?
8) Do the Dr.s (HHH, EWH) ever read or post in this forum?

Thanks, stay safe.
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Kissing is not a risk no matter what kind of spin you want to put on it and we don't use statistics in this forum. Take it to the Expert forum pay your 20 dollars and ask away.
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What is the period that going to the E-room and asking for anti-hiv drugs is effective?  Just  curious.
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PEP for what?
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Also, seeing how much you post here and having read your profile you seem very knowledgeable.  Does herpes fluid from a sore usually contain HIV if the person is infected?  Thanks for your help.
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hi i am 20 one month from my 21st,and a wreck!!i recently went to spain whereby after many drinks found myself getting oral sex from a hooker..she was black african orientated and we developed into full blown vaginal sex,she also kissed me alot which worried me extreemly the following day when i pieced the broken memories together,i had a cut on my lip,bleeding gums,and broken skin around the nails whereby i inserted my finger into her,i did however during sex use a condom,4 weeks on and iv displayed muscle weekness,fatigue,sore back and neck,dizzyness,nausea,aches and pains,sweats,forgetfulness,may main concern however is that on arival back home i had sex with my girlfriend unprotected,this being i was unaware of any risk factors surrounding hiv,now 3 and a half weeks on she too is experiencing dizzyness tiredness etc,have i infected her and myself do u thing? it doesnt help iv been on websites everyday panicking...please could you provide some sorta reasurance,
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