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Can I have HIV

So I had sex with this black hooker. She looked as if she were hooked on crack? I was pretty drunk so I went for it anyways. It was maybe a 30 second blowjob with condom and maybe 45 second -1 minute sex because I regretted it and told her to stop and I left. Sex was also with a condom. So 6 days after I encountered a small red rash on the tip of my penis. I went to the doctor and she ruled out herpes since it didn't have any white sores. She prescribed a cream and in 1-2 days it was gone. A bit of burning sensation is left on my penis day 13. Along with some tingling on my testicles. I have a bit of diarrhea, and hot flashes. It seems to only happen when I think about it too much. I feel like I have lost weight in those 13 days. I stopped drinking beer since and drinking way more water. Can someone. Tell me my chances of HIV? Or any std thanks.
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You have zero risk for std's or hiv as both oral and vaginal sex had condoms.
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Thanks for the comment. What would u suggest my symptoms are?
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Anxiety can play crazy tricks on you, i went through it too and im getting better.  
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I hope it's anxiety. I'm really worried. Really really worried.
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Protected sex is what it is. It is safe sex. Beyond that this forum cannot help you any more.
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