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Can you get hiv from hiv test.

Can you get hiv from the antigens in the hiv tests. I used the oraquick mouths was and I punctured the viewing panel where the line results are read. I read this strip contains hiv antigens to be precise:
"Test Stick, containing a nitrocellulose membrane with adsorbed HIV-1 and HIV-2 synthetic peptides and goat anti-human IgG, and a pad containing a blocking agent and protein-A colloidal gold"
If I came into physical contact with this membrane could I contract the virus?
Does it matter their synthetic?
I also got a bit of the buffer on my fingers is this okay?
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with these tests now available over the counter…would you "think" that someone could get infected from the test???

NO WAY ! ! !
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So antigens and/or peptides can not ever cause infection?  100% no worries?
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No you cannot contract HIV from an HIV test.
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