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Chance of infection for male from vaginal sex?

Hi there, I've had a couple of unsafe encounters over the past 6 months. All have been with what I'd term low-risk partners - heterosexual women from the UK and Europe. These were all one night stands with a mix of protected/unprotected sex however, so I can't be sure of their status. I haven't had any flu like symptoms or swollen lymph nodes, but have had a white tongue plus regular loose stools for a couple of months. Are these likely to be symptoms?

I know that I'm an idiot and will always wrap up in future. I'll need to get tested, but just freaking out about due to reading symptoms of white tongue/diarrhea. A strange thing is though, that I can't seem to find a single story online about white heterosexual male actually catching HIV from vaginal sex here in UK/Europe. Why is that? The statistics also seem to indicate that this is rare to non-existent...
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Protected sex is not a risk, unprotected sex would warrant testing. I am not saying that you had a high risk to worry about, there are 2 factors that deems you at low risk :

A. Low HIV infected demographics.

B. In a 'female to male' transmission scenario, it is observed that for the male to contract this virus from a single act of unprotected vaginal exposure is difficult, i.e. it usually takes multiple exposures with an infected female for a male to contract the virus.

HIV is not diagnosed with help of symptoms. Also, your symptoms seems unspecific to HIV since it is very generic to any other ailment that could occur in your day to day life.

It's advisable to stay calm, get a test at 28 days from the date of your last unprotected vaginal / anal intercourse with a IV Generation HIV test. It's most likely to provide you with a negative result, take it and move on.

Always use condoms consistently and correctly to keep worries of HIV away.
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