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Condom fall off, PEP and window period.

Condom fall off, PEP and window period.

Dear community experts,

I had a protected vagina sex with a CSW about 24 days ago, but somehow the condom fall off into her body. I think it cantains for about 30 seconds before I found it.
We sotped immediately, and both take a fast paper test for HIV (3rd gen) and syphilis at that moment , all the result is negative.

I have HBV, and I take TAF everyday.
From the 2nd day I take TAF together with 3TC (Lamivudine)as PEP, and on the 21st day I do a 4th gen paper test with negative result.

Does the PEP (the TAF I take everyday, and the TAF + 3TC taked recently) have an impact on window period? When can I get a conclusive result with 4th gene test:
on the 28th day and then stop the PEP,
or on the 29th day after take PEP for 28 days,
or on the 57th day, as 4 weeks after stopping PEP?
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This is NOT a question for this forum, or any online forum. Since you are under the care of a physician for infectious disease, you need to work with your doctor.

In general, testing 28 days after your last dose of PEP is sufficient.
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