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testing after pep

Dear Dr:
100 days ago, I had sex with a woman whose infection status was unknown. Unfortunately the condom came off during the sex,So I took TAF/FTC and DTG for a total of 28 days at 5h after exposure.I have performed a  
HIV Ab/Ag test at 30, 60, 90 and 98 days post-exposure and they turned to be negative. The RNA
PCR test whose precision is 100 copies are also done at 30,60,90 days after exposure and the result is
“< 1.00E+02". I am currently 100 days away from exposure and I am experiencing weakness and watery diarrhea, and I wonder if these symptoms mean I am experiencing an acute phase of HIV infection
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Full disclosure, no doctors on this forum just people who have studied for one reason or another HIV.
That said I urge you not to discount anything anyone says on here, many are more knowledgable than your average doctor on HIV.

I have good news for you, unless you have had a new exposure since this incident you have proven you haven’t got HIV.

Firstly untreated HIV is fairly rare in everyone this is especially true in women. Even if she was infected HIV is passed women to man less than 99% of the time per exposure, and that’s full on prolonged sex not what you had . The risk was sufficiently low that I would have waited and tested. The downside to PEP is the extended window period for testing causing extended anxiety. I wonder if your doctor knows something I don’t, maybe a outbreak of local HIV. Either way it’s done now and PEP is excellent protection against HIV.

Finally your tests. The window period for conclusive 4th gen test is 6 week. This starts on finishing PEP so your test at 100 days is conclusive.

Your RNA test is also brilliant evidence you are not infected.

Your symptoms now are very none specific and could be 100 of different things. For you it can’t be HIV, if pep failed symptoms would have started 2-3 week after not now. And you have had conclusive tests.

No HIV concern here, hope you get better soon. Rest up drink fluids.
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