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Could i have caught hiv from my encounters?

So here it goes 2017 went to a stripclub/csw place.. 4 times different people all within the start of 2017 to aug 2017 and i live in the United States
First time unprotected oral sex bj her to me nothing else. I’m a 33 year old male by the way.
Second time protected bj and I finished myself off onto her body.
Third time I just got bit on the nipple,deff took skin off..no sex or bj.
4th time... condom protecfed 5-7 min sex, she had the condom which was latex and she used Lubricant pretty sure it was not oil based.
Condom stayed on the entire time did not break or slip and was intact when finished.  I am married and I was going through a rough patch of no sex for a while after first child, so I did things I’m really not proud of.  The last maybe risk I had which was the condom sex was early-mid aug 2017. I was scared of hiv so I waited until January 2018 and took a home oraquick test and it was negative.. read the directions etc I’ve taken them before and then followed up with a blood test so I know they are accurate.. but the last time I had tested with oraquick years had passed.. I was worried I took it too soon even though I waited a while.  
My wife got pregnant with our second child and she got a  antigen/antibody test at 12 weeks which is standard and it was negative. I can’t help but think I have it and gave it to her because this pregnancy she has been not feeling well and her end I have gotten sick many times this winter.. beyond all that she’s been complaining about vertigo nearing the end of the pregnancy. We did have sex during the second trimester maybe twice. My worry is I got her pregnant she didn’t catch it and tested negative snd later on we had sex and she got it and that is the cause for her vertigo issue.   I didn’t get any crazy symptoms after my encounters besides a sore throat the day after and it went away quickly.

Should I be worried or is one home oraquick test at the beginning of 5 months enough to assume I’m ok?

I know many questions on here are repetitive and kinda crazy but I’m just trying to get a piece of mind here.. sorry if my questions sound crazy I’m stressing.
Thanks for dealing with us nut jobs.
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Nothing you did put you at risk for HIV, and your conclusive negative tests prove that this is the case.

Risks for HIV are:
1) having unprotected, penetrative anal or vaginal sex, or
2) sharing intravenous needles.

No matter what symptoms you or your wife are having, or have had in the past, they have NOTHING to do with HIV.
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Thanks for the prompt answer. Really appreciate it.
I did want to add that it wasn’t “tests” it was just a single oraquick home antibody test at the beginning of the 5 month mark. The other home oraquicks I took were years ago and I didn’t trust them but I followed up those with a blood test. This time no follow up.  So still in this case one test of negative is conclusive correct?
It does not matter what test you took or when you took it.  You had no risk for HIV.  You were testing for a disease that you CANNOT possibly have.
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You need to go back and read CurfewX's response carefully. You simply never had a risk. Offcourse your tests would be conclusive at any point in time because you never had a risk, window period doesn't apply to you.

I urge you to seek counseling, you are clearly exhibiting paranoia, there could be several emotional reason for this, a proper rearrangement of thought can help you.

Be rest assured that you didn't infect your wife or your newborn. I reiterate, you don't have an HIV concern.
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Thanks for responses I’ll move along now.
I’m still kind of worrying and even though you guys say don’t worry about it. In my state, 265,000 people are walking around hiv positive  but the population is 3.5million.  I didn’t think the condom had any Rips or breakage and when I took an oraquick home test I didn’t check the expiration date eiteher.  So I’m going to do another one in the next few days. It’s hard not to believe  I wasn’t  at more of a risk when csw deff sleep with many more people a day then the general public which puts them at more of a risk for infection in general. Wish me luck one more test will definitely give
Me the piece of mind I’m looking for It’s not that I doubt the oraquick but it could have been sold to me expired I didn’t look nor did inspect the condom used either.
Wish me luck
Probably that many people with cancer too but you don't catch either of these diseases from what you did, so your fear is illogical to just decide somehow you had a risk for hiv disease just because other people have it.
Your problem is not disease, it is fear of disease which at this point is a bit of a mental health issue.
You don't have any medical training, so it is unrealistic for you to have so much confidence in hiv theories that you are just making up from thin air. A therapist might be able to help you understand that your science fiction has zero chance of becoming reality. Further testing driven by science fiction theories indicates hiv phobia and it can get worse. This is an example "we had sex and she got it and that is the cause for her vertigo issue."
No one needs to wish you luck with your placebo testing because you are the only one who doesn't believe in any science other than the science fiction that you have makd up.
I appreciate your response, I do believe
I’n science, oraquick is science. I trust the test and I understand  that I am a hypochondriac in general. I just wished I had looked at the exp date which I didn’t and maybe checked out the condom more which I didn’t.
Those numbers weren’t just made up they were facts.   I do have symptoms that I’m not gonna bother to list cause you don’t care and I get that.
Thanks for answering have a good day
"I am a hypochondriac in general." Seek therapy to deal with the real problem instead of hoping that a band aid placebo test will help you.
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"I do have symptoms that I’m not gonna bother to list cause you don’t care and I get that. "

It's not that we won't care. We are only focusing to rationalize, you know that you have hypochondria and your symptoms are only pointing in that direction.

We have told you that you don't have HIV. You can't aquire the virus, there was no scope of transmission in any of the incidents described. We can't lie to you and tell you that you have HIV, because you don't. You don't need testing, you need to work with your therapist to address your emotional issues. There is an elephant in the room, you are actually beating yourself with this ordeal of HIV for some other obvious reasons, you haven't given your wife any thing. We can't offer you emotional support here. You need to seek help in person.

HIV is not your concern. You don't need to test. Please keep working with your therapist, you are going to be okay.
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