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Currently with Syphilis, Positive ELISA accurate?

I'm currently with syphilis (for the second time, stage 2), had my first penicillin shot two days ago. For days ago I had all DSTs tested, the first result I received was the syphilis VDLR and that's what made me start the treatment. But today I received the result for the HIV ELISA test, and it is positive (30,6 something, it doesn't say what is it counting, but it says that above 7,0 it is positive).
Now, I read a lot about that test, and I saw that it can show false-positive in case of other infections (syphilis included), and in case I had the H1N1 flu shot (which I had two years ago).
The lab automatically had my samples run through the Western Blot test, but the results will arrive in four days.
I know there is a chance it might be a false-positive, but the high number got me suspicious.
I also know enough of the current treatments as not to panic in case the WB is positive too, but it doesn't help that the second test will take so long to run, and even though I know it is perfectly possible to have a normal life with simple treatment... I am panicking because I'd rather not have it.
Anyway, my question is... Considering the current syphilis status and me having had the H1N1 shot, can I still have hope for it to be false positive? Or should I hope for the worst?
Thank you
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It must be confirmed by western blot anyway. Hope u come back negative.
And even if it is HIV positive let it be  !Because hiv positive doesnt means AIDS(that was 10-20 years ago). See it just like diabetes and all. You must be happy because its been detected earlier itself . Early detection n treatment will help u to lead a normal life.  Just that u must take a pill daily to maintain your immunity.  As u daily brush your teeth, bath and all, u must see that too just as a regular habit :)
Be positive !
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what was your risk ?
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Let's hope for the best mate. I will pray that it is negative. thewestern blot will tell it all. stay heathy.... Cheers mate!
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