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False positive hiv rapid test ?

Hi there people ,
I have just one question , I needed some advice
I had a risk exposure for hiv trough unprotected sex I’m a female receptive .
Now I did a hiv combo test at 6 weeks( negative)
I have been told is conclusive .
For some reassurance I bought a INSTI RAPID TEST at 13 weeks just to have a extra piece of mind . After all is my health .
Resulted positive. The second dot appeared fainted but was there , then I bought one more and that was  negative afterwards .
So then I called my doctor and told him my situation and he draw blood again and sent it to the lab and they did another combo test .
Negative .
So my question is
1 does the negative combo screen overrule my rapid positive one ?
2 should of the doctor sent it for a western blot instead of the combo test  ?
3 how confident can I be that it was a false positive and not a real one ?
Please advice .
Should I retest ?
Thank you
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Your 4th generation tests are taken at the appropriate time to be considered accurate. Having unprotected vaginal sex in a single exposure is less than 1 percent risk for HIV transmission so low risk.  Glad you are negative.
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Was it oral or vaginal sex?
The first duo was conclusive so the rest of the tests were a waste of time. You have overtested and should stop thinking about hiv - you don't quadruple test for other diseases.
Once in a while someone gets a false positive, so the more you test the greater your chances of this happening.
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It was vaginal .
So you think I’m in the clear
No need toe worry ?
Forget about that positive result ?
Thank you so much
I'm glad that you are relaxed now. You can safely move on.
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