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Rapid test accuracy

Hi, I took already 5 test post exposure and my question is How accurate will be INSTI rapid test(finger prick 3rd gen.) at 3 month, 6month and the last one at 7month post possible exposure. Can I really trust the results or should I take a lab test?
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What was your risk, please?
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Unprotected vaginal with scw (condom full broke during sex). I had a lot of possible ars symptoms 10 days after, including sore throat, fatigue, headache, geographic tongue, runny nose, but without fever. That symptoms made me scared
And all of the rapid test come negative, so that is a little bit weird. But maybe I’m negative
It's not even a little bit weird. Most people don't have HIV, including CSWs, and even if she did, there's a less than 1% chance of being infected from a one-time encounter.

You can move on from this event. You ARE negative.
Thanks for comment. If you think that I’m negative and the rapid test it’s reliable as a lab test that make me free for fear
You got Covid or flu or a cold or something like that 10 days after your encounter. No one even knows what causes geographic tongue and 3% of people have it so that's not an issue.
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ANY test you took at least 3 months post-event is conclusive. The other tests were completely unnecessary.
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