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Do I have HIV ?

I hand protected sex with a random girl I met at bar, between 2 rounds I switched condom and while she was giving me handjob her vaginal fluid might have touched my penis. Then I wore condom again and we had sex.
Following are my symptoms:
1. Blocked nose after 3 weeks (still there)
2. Slightly sore throat after 4 weeks (still there)
3. Tinnitus (sometimes comes and goes)
4. Pain in knees and legs (constants and gets worst when am idle.
5. I feel my skin is dry.
No fever no night sweats or rash.

Tests Taken:
17th day : 4th gen duo - negative
37th day : oraquick - negative
75th day : oraquick - negative
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In reading your post, I have good news for you.  You had zero risk for HIV.  Protected intercourse is no risk and touching vaginal fluid, having vaginal fluid from a hand to the penis and a hand job in general are also NO risk for HIV transmission. You didn't need to test the first time or the other two times either.  HIV is inactivated by air.  The only ways adults get HIV is from having unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles. So, no risk.  
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Being uncircumcised does that change anything, they only thing concerns me is this symptoms and constant leg ache :(
No.  Circumcision has no effect.  Your leg ache has nothing to do with HIV.  By the way, HIV is never ever diagnosed by symptoms.  You had no risk, so do not need to worry about hiv.
Thanks for the info !!! Just out of curiosity how accurate is oraquick with in  window period ?
100% accurate at any time in your case because it will read negative.
All of your "symptoms" are self diagnosed and some might be in your imagination from fear, but disease does not follow a schedule anyway so it is a waste of your time trying to claim a non-event with a condom caused them, so you need to see a doc for any diagnosis.
There is no "window period" for a disease you were never exposed to, and cannot possibly have.
I wasn’t talking about window period of disease, I was talking about window period of test.
The answer remains the same.  There is no window period for a placebo test.
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