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Do I have HIV or STDs from a recent sexual encounter?

I am straight but gay curious. Last week Saturday 5th August I had my first gay sexual encounter with a partner. He told me that he is negative. We both sucked each others nipples and masturbated each other. Some kissing was also involved. There was no anal sex. However, both of us put our mouth kissing each others underwear wrapping our genitals.

My nipple was a bit sore after he sucked them and whether a possibility he has any blood in his saliva when sucking them?

Also, when kissing each other's underwear, could some precum have been on our mouths?

It's because I felt a bit of a sore throat, feverish feeling with chills and a bit tired than usual just 2 to 4 days after this encounter, I am worried it might be the early signs and symptoms of HIV and STDs?

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The exposure you mentioned, does not put you at HIV risk
Thanks Diver58.

My partner could also have accidentally touched his nipples with his contaminated hands. Then I sucked his nipples.

Also, his hands had some of his semen which he did not wipe dry and he tickled my nipples. Could his sperm have entered my sore nipples and cause STD or HIV?
You interact with other people so sore throats are to be expected.
HIV is instantly inactivated (so is effectively dead) in air and also in saliva so the advice above is all you 2 need to consider.
Only sex risks are unprotected penetrating vaginal or anal which you didn't have. Only other risk in the 40 year HIV history is sharing needles then injecting, so nothing you can add will make you 2 at risk.
There is an std forum where you can get better answers about std.
Thank you AnxiousNoMore
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