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Hiv hepatitis risk

Had massage during massage lady kissed me on cheek nipple sucked them I also kissed her multiple times not deep only lips then I started leaking from my thin underwear and got wet and my penis was seen through the cloth then I laid her on my body and side wise and kissed cuddled her nipples brushing my lips and semen with penis touching her hands and her pants may be on top her vagina clothes on touch my penis. Afraid of Hiv hepatitis help
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I agree with the others.  This is not a risk. Her perceived promiscuity would not make this a risk if you didn't do the things that could transmit HIV.  HIV is only transmitted by having unprotected, penetrating vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.  You can not get HIV through genital contact with clothing on even if it is just underwear. And kissing and breast kissing is no risk.  This is good news, right?  
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Last question bro, ok abt Hiv  thing but this smoothing and biting on body , extent of aquiring herpes, fungal etc can that be avoided or bound to get with skin to skin contact like handjob. Esp syphilis  thanks once more bro
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OK, no need to call everyone "bro."   I don't see a question here, but you had no risk for HIV or any STDs from this event.  It is time to put this event behind you and move on with your life.
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Thank u all, better to avoid all these in future, for peace of mind. Thanks once again
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Just to update guys, as I had a few body massages and handjobs , kissing nipples and boobs of female masseuse, they biting my nipples, no insertive sex, my wife recently diagnosed on Pap smear with candida- fungus and polyp which chronic papillary endocervicitis, any thing to do with my massage experience, carrying fungal or std illness to my wife, pls answer. Thanks
Having massage with massage thin underwear cans then shower and if semen comes and wet underwear and u lie on massage table or sit on stool for bath or the lady masseuse touches penis over the wet part of underwear on the penis am I risk fir hiv stds. Kissing with closed mouth on nipples boobs checks and abdomen butts risk for std
Since the last time you posted, nothing has changed. The only risks STILL are unprotected vaginal intercourse or unprotected anal intercourse WITH penetration or sharing IV drug neeles.  You are at ZERO risk for HIV.  As to other std's you are at zero risk for those as well other than herpes 1 of the mouth which is basically cold sores and 80 percent of the population on earth has this.  NOTHING else was a risk, period.  
So bro herpes 1 still risk andwhats  best way to avoid , Pls suggest and what precaution I should take in massage session  as many promiscuous things happen before me coming in the same room,  bed , shower room and chair in steam room. Period
I'm not sure if it is a language barrier or emotional barrier in that your anxiety is blocking the clear information.  one. more. time.  THREE ways you can get HIV  are to 1. have intercourse without a condom, so unprotected and penetration HAS to occur with a vagina. 2. have intercourse without a condom, so unprotected and penetration HAS to occur with an anus.  and 3. share needles to INJECT drugs using the same needle as someone else.  Unless you do one of those three things, EVERYTHING else will not give you hiv.  That's all I've got for you and I hope you receive it.  Non risk events such as you mention are NON risk.  Use a condom for vaginal or anal intercourse and don't inject drugs with shared needles and you don't have to worry about HIV.
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