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Transmission Risk

I visited massage parlour recently.

She gave me dry massage and hugs.
We both were topless. I was in underwear and she was in trousers.
Our topless bodies hugged each other.
We had closed mouth kissing but not on lips.
She licked my breasts.
She may have mouth ulcers.

She touched my penis.
I was not hard .

Does I have chance of HIV transmission?
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Transmission Risk equals ZERO. There is no risk from Hiv from your activities. Here are the ONLY ways someone gets HIV. By having unprotected vaginal sex (penetration without condom), by having unprotected anal sex (penetration without condom) or by sharing IV needles to inject drugs. Air and saliva inactivate the virus. NOTHING you describe is a risk. This is information in case you did not understand the transmission route s of HIV prior to posting. If you've read this or been told this before, then this is an anxiety issue to work on through means of addressing mental health.
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