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Dr. Scared me

    I have been in a long term 8 year relationship with who I thought was the man of my dreams.  About 2 weeks ago....I caught him cheating on me with another female.  This has destroyed me emotionally and physically.  I have no idea who this woman is, nor if she is the only one.  I did the usual thing by making sure I was ok, and was checked out by the obgyn.  She ran some test clinically, and everything seems to be ok.  She has decided to send me for blood work, and one of those things was HIV.  When I saw this....I freaked.  Especially because the last week or so I have had a low grade fever, and very sore throat which my general doctor has told me it is just a virus that has been going around caused by sinuses.  I have had sinus issues all my life, but never accompanied by a fever and sore throat that has lasted over a week now.  The last time I was with him sexually was about 2 weeks ago, and I am now scared to death.  Fortunately, we were both tested a year ago for a charity that they did in the city to raise awareness for std's.  All of these were negative for the both of us.  I am worried because I have not been feeling well, and not knowing who else he has be unfaithful to me with, has my anxiety through the roof.  I would love to hear any feedback what so ever, and I appreciate everybody and their time.

Thank you
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Test 3 months after your last unprotected sex with him to obtain a conclusive test result.
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Thanks Teak,
     I have another question...I have a scheduled appt to give blood next week for a blood drive at work.  Do you suggest waiting on this until after three months?
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Yes wait..
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It is just the fact that I did not even think of HIV until the Doctor put it on the form for bloodwork.  She said that it was the standard panel that they use.  I am not nieve to think that this is not at all a possibility, but is HIV really spread that easily?
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You said earlier that you didn't know how long he has been cheating on you. Yes you can contract HIV on the first exposure.
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Just trying to learn somethings here....can someone tell me when these "ars" symptoms start??  Is it days, or weeks?  And is a severe sore throat with a low grade fever some of them??  I've had this horrific sore throat that feels like a basketball is in it for over a week now.
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Okay...last question about ars symptoms.  I realize you cant use your symptoms, but I have a question.  The sore throat that Ive had actually has white patches in the back of my tonisls?  Could this be a possiblilty, or does ars symptoms just have a sore throat.   Would your throat have these white patches is actually my question, and it really is not accompanied by anything else, other than a low grade fever of less than 100.
Please answer, so I can try to let this go for now.
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Anyone that has true ARS has multiple symptoms all at once. Your low grade fever is not the fever that would be found in ARS.
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