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Drunk sex

Dear experts
I'm Now in Thailand for meeting. I came on 6th nov.  this fateful night, I was dead drunk and brought a girl to my hotel room. I was so drunk that I fall asleep on my bed almost immediately.

I woke up when I felt I was given a blowjob. I thought nothing of it. Went back to sleep. Second time I woke up was a shock. The girl was actually a ladyboy and he was penetrating me. I was too late and she ejaculated inside me, with condom. I'm not sure if there's a leak or break. This is my first ever such encounter.

I immediately washed up and went to the hospital. Both of us were tested for HIV by drawing blood. I do not know what type of test is it, but result came only after 45-60 min. Both of us were negative. The doctor then gave me some pills (T-Viread 1 pill 300mg, T-Lamivir 2 pills 150mg and Kaletra 200mg/50mg.) it was taken about 2-2.5 hours after the incident. I'm also given the above medication to be taken for next 28days with the first two to be taken once after breakfast and Kaletra to be taken twice a day, 12 hours apart.

I'm Super worried since then. May I know how high is my risk of contracting HIV? I read that during window period, blood test may show a false negative. What is my risk level of contracting HIV ?

Are the medication given to me adequate?

When can I see you at the earliest for an accurate HIV test?
Thank you and best regards
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Oral is not a risk and anal with a condom is not a risk so if that is all that happened you had no exposure risk to HIV. Since you were drunk there is no way to verify if they used the condom all the time. If the condom failed it would rip apart and both of you would have known that so that didn't happen. Washing has no effect on HIV, since it is effectively dead outside the body and can only infect from the anal.
If you take PEP you can't test until 28 days after finishing, and you should do a duo test then.
Did you ask the lb if she always uses a condom and if it was always used on you? If so likely the lb will be negative. A duo test is conclusive after 28 days, so if that is what was used the only way the lb is positive would be from unprotected activities over the last 28 days.
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The lb claimed that always use a condom when engaged in sex. And the condom always on me too.  
The lb tested negative can be due to window period ?
All the search on internet is driving me crazy. Lots of "reports" contradicting each other....
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