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Early HIV Symptoms

Hi all

I had unprotected vaginal sex approx 11 weeks ago.  About 3-4 weeks afterwards I started having symptoms which are worrying the hell out of me.  I have a burning tingling sensation in my scrotum which goes into my inner thighs and sometimes my calves.  I have been getting a rash which is not raised but is red and tends to appear on my stomach and forearms, it comes up and then dissappears (doest stay) I felt as though I was hot but temp ok.  I have pain under my arms and in my neck and groin but no swelling that I can see.  I have tested negative for Chlamidia and Ghonnorea and Syphillis.  Over the last week I have started to get oral problems, I have a few flesh coloured spots on my tonsils and have a feeling that there is something stuck in my throat.  I tested negative for HIV with the ELISA test at 7weeks post exposure and know it is not conclusive until 3 months.  I have feeling in the roof of my mouth like I have burnt it but have not,  could what I'm describing be early signs of HIV infection??
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sounds like anxiety related symptoms.

test at 3 months for that conclusive result.
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Hi Lizzie Lou

I do suffour from anxiety but do these symptoms i describe sound like ARS too? Do oral problems manifest in the early stages of hiv?? Is it normal to be suffering symptoms for 7 weeks if this is seroconversion?

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do you have fever,the main ARS symptoms are fever, rush, mouth ulsures , and more common enlarged lymph nodes which occurs 1-2 weeks of exposure.
i also advice to you to get tested for hbv and hcv also, hbv is easily transmitted then hiv
don't panic.
i suggest to you take a CBC count test. and a 3 months elisa test.
tell whats your cbc count then i will comment      
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move on
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Move on.
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Hi ramend

Thanks for your feedback, I have no fever but it is 11 weeks since possible exposure.  I have not been bed ridden during this but have felt ike I have had mild fever in early stages.  My lymph nodes have not been swollen as that you can really notice them but I have had discomfort in all since 3 weeks after incident.  My main problems at 11 weeks are feeling like I have something stuck in throat, roof of mouth painful, white patch around wisdom tooth which started to bleed when eating and discomfort in all lymph nodes.  I also still get rash on stomach and forearms which keeps coming and going along with burning/tingling sensation in scrotum and thighs?  Could these symptoms tie in with early HIV???
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NO ! ! !
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I Hope I am not annoying you with my posts LIzzie,  I have been having symptoms for 7 weeks now and it is reall getting me dwon, affecting my home life and work life.  All the symptoms I seem to be having according to my research point to HIV, especially after my unprottected sex episode.  I am looking to you and Teak to reassure me that these are not common early HIV symptoms tha I am experiencing, I have two young children 6 & 3 and am so worried.
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i am experienceing the same things besides the fever and rashes! but i have like 2 large and painful bums on the roof of my mouth followed with swollen tonsiles.my left side of my neck feels like it got pulled or somthing. i have felt nausious ever since i had unpertected sex and  tired more then usual. its been about 2 months now.
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this post is a year old
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