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Fear about hiv

Hi myself Rajeev from India yesterday I had  a sexual encounter with a female CSW unprotected and had performed cunninglus on her with a cut in my mouth the unprotected vaginal sex was for about two to three minutes I didn’t ejaculate but she did .

I do know that I have buyed a trouble for me.

But the only thing which is giving me a belief is that she was resisting and for that only it lasted for a minute or two. Should I consider her clean just because of his resistance and claiming that she is clean.

Also note that while performing cunninglus I have noticed few boils near her genital areas .

During our unprotected encounter she was above me for a minute.

Have told you my entire story but just to calm myself wanted your advise.
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Unprotected vaginal intercourse would warrant HIV testing. Risk is low. You could take a test at 28 days with a IV generation HIV test.

HIV transmission can't be guessed with help of judging any strata of society, geographical factors, sexual orientation or from one's behaviour.

Only testing is the answer. Although, it is seen that CSWs do take utmost care of their own health to stay away from STIs, periodic testing and safe sex are integral part of their lifestyle.
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When you say risk is low it’s how much low please lot of things are going in my head. So please help me with this
There is no way to quantify a risk. Just get tested, your are likely to receive a negative result because not only your partner must have been HIV negative but also it's usually seen for this virus to be transmitted, it takes multiple exposures in a typical female to male transmission scenario.
One thing I forgot to mention is that from past few weeks I am noticing white spots on top of my penis multiple white spots is it ars rash as couple of months ago I made a same mistake please assess and tell me
No your symptoms don't seem to be relevant to HIV ARS. Symptoms are not used for diagnosis of HIV, please test at the time told to you, I repeat your risk was low. If you are very anxious about this event, please see a counselor.
Sorry to bother you again people infected with hiv in India is 2.1% of the total population and the city where I live has a population of 40000 hiv patients out of which 500 are sex workers the city population is nearly 20 million.

I just wanted to know the chances With the help of these govt of India data.
Your risk was low, I have repeatedly stated that. Even with the provided stats, we can only conclude that your risk was low. No one can provide you with a definitive number here, just test at the time frame that has been told to you already.

At this point, we have nothing more to add, you are being obsessive and you would need to see a counselor for that.
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I believe the statistic from a single exposure is less than 2% transmission rate.  Very uncommon.  The two minutes of exposure to unprotected vaginal would be unlikely to transmit HIV.  However, you'll need to get tested for that.  but as Mike_no said, oral sex is not a risk at all for HIV.
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At world aids day is any update to cure hiv has come to picture if any update then please do let me know
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Will 4 th generation test after 28 days will be conclusive
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Yes, you can count on those results not to change. They say it is 95 to 99% accurate at the 28 day mark and fully conclusive at 6 weeks but the results never seem to change between 4 weeks and 6 weeks.  28 days gives you a reliable idea. And remember, a one time unprotected intercourse episode is low risk of less than 2 percent if the person has HIV and ZERO if they do not have HIV.  So, try not to worry and just test when you can. Really, odds are such that you won't have HIV from this.  And oral sex is never a risk.  
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