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Question about the forth generation test for HIV-2

The question is how long after exposure is testing for HIV-2 conclusive if it's a person who doesn't take drugs and has a good immune system? About 6 weeks ago, I had sex with an Asian girl without protection in Melbourne. I do not know whether this girl had sex with someone from Western Africa. Four weeks after exposure, I did a fourth-generation test for HIV in Melbourne. Can I rule out HIV-2 infection?
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Firstly, was it oral, anal or vaginal?
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Alright, well the three risks for adults in HIV transmission are unprotected vaginal, unprotected anal sex and sharing IV needles ot inject drugs. It sounds like you had unprotected vagina which is a risk. BUT, it's low risk. A one time exposure is LESS than ONE percent. So, very unlikely you got hiv from this. Second generation tests are accurate at 28 days and beyond. All other tests at 12 weeks. It sounds like you took a second generation DUO test and your result is negative. If you took your 4th gen test at 28 days or beyond and it was negative, you don't have HIV.
So, I did the fourth generation test for HIV which involves P-24 antigen and antibody for HIV-1 and 2 four weeks (28 days) after exposure and the result is negative. In this scenario, does what you said mean that I can rule out and exclude HIV- 2? Can I live a happy life without having to think about HIV-2? I hope to get a clear conclusion because I am very stressed.  Thank you so much!
Your hiv 1 and 2/ duo test at four weeks was a 4th generation test and was conclusive. That's it. That's your answer. You tested negative.
Does this mean I do not infect HIV and do not need to text it again in the future and think about HIV-2 infection in my life ? Just live a happy life?
Google the word conclusive, then move on.
I am not stressed and panic about the HIV-2 infection and will live with happiness( if everyone think I still have some risk for infection of HIV-2, please tell me I have some misunderstanding). Thank you all for your reply! And hope you all have great life!
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