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Finger + Oral on US woman in USA

Hello Doctors:

I performed oral sex on a woman a little over 3 weeks ago for at least 5 minutes. It occurred after about 30 minutes of vigorous two-finger-ing [hand facing up and hand facing down, relative to body], possibly resulting in some internal scratches. Tongue mostly stayed in outer area of vestibule/clitoris, though there was some exposure to lumen leading to more internal areas (ie vaginal cavity proper). Note that I had pulled off some skin from my lip approximately one hour earlier, leaving a very thin (blood clearly visible under the layer, though not bleeding) layer of skin on my lip.

I do not know her HIV/std status, she is from the US, she may have traveled to other countries with higher HIV prevalence, non-drug user.

I have some rash areas on my hand, shoulder, face - and some come/go rashes on the top of my forearm. No fever. Come and go sore throat/difficulty swallowing.

Would you please evaluate my risk? Thank you very much and have a great day/week/year. Your answers are hugely appreciated and very helpful.

Also, http://howshealth.com/hiv-aids-rash-pictures-symptoms-treatment/ -- is photo 4, of the hand, an accurate portrayal of what an HIV hand rash might look like in the ARS phase?

Thank you.
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No risk.
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some reasoning please?
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HIV has been recognized for over 30 years and nobody has ever been proven to be infected through oral sex or fingering.
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