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For Dr.Hhh or Community: Please Help ARS symptom???

Hello Doctor & Community,

About a month ago I had protected vaginal intercourse with a CSW in Toronto. (Something I so regret)

However towards the end of the session I realized that the condom had slipped inside her vagina when I pulled out. There was no *** as I had not climaxed but I was extremely worried as i wasn't sure if i was bareback for abit.
Later I asked the lady multiple times and she said she was clean.

Exactly, 3 and half weeks later
I was working on my house porch drilling into cement/brick wall. The same night I realised I had a developed a rash about size of a quarter on my neck (maculopapular).

It felt tender burning but not exactly itchy. 3 days later the rash has almost disappeared.

1> I  am  not sure whether the rash may have been irritation from cement or paint putty or if this is ARS. I have no other obvious ARS symptoms. No lymph node swelling, no fever at all, no sore throat nothing.

Only additional thing is I have a lil insect bite like mark on my collar which I just noticed.

and of course I do have anxiety due to fear of potentially acquiring HIV.

2> Do ARS rash disappear on their own this fast? Or is it probably just an irritation rash from may be cement or paint putty?

3> based on one of your previous post I read my understanding is that ARS rash always accompanied by fever.

In my case could this still be ARS or something else?

Regardless I am going for full blood / urine testing next week which would be 5 weeks since my potential exposure.

But I wanted to understand from your perspective where I stand.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
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There really isn't much to say about the rash other than it probably is not due to HIV.  Symptoms are not used to diagnose HIV.  You need a 4th generation Duo test and can take it now and that's the only way to know.  But a one time exposure like you had is very low risk, around 1 percent so I would expect it to be negative.
Thank you. I hope so. However, I've never had a rash like this before. And more so over the timing  of events have left me petrified.

Thanks for your response.
Most people with a medical issue have never had any medical issue like their current one, because illnesses and syndromes are not scheduled and because different circumstances occur. So analysis of type of symptom is also of no value.
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