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i had anal and vagina sex protected and oral unprotected
i did not see the condom got teared
after 5 weeks i feel some pain in my knee after i realized it can be related to hiv i scared i experienced Diarrhea but it heals fast
in 6 weeks after the sex i took elisa test and it came negative but now in 7th week i see some symptoms and gets me angry like the smoothness i feel before on my tongue actually it gets weaker
actually i am waiting to takes elisa after 3 months but this symptoms actually walking on my nerve
so what is your idea ?
is it possible i got HIV?
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You had PROTECTED sex and hence,

Protected sex means NO risk.

You dont need any testing .
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i would assume that you know that PROTECTED sex is not a risk for contracting hiv.  what you might not know is that oral sex...even unprotected...does not transmit hiv.

there are over a dozen different proteins and enzymes in the mouth that inhibit transmission.

you had NO risk...NONE.

any "symptoms" that you are experiencing are NOT hiv related.
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SO if i realize correct
i don't care about symptoms that much
i think that is one of the problems of media makes you that worried
as a last question
is my blood testing that conclusive to feel free ?
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Mohammad ,

No risk means No test buddy.. You are safe , just accept the FACTS and continue with your life buddy.

I must assume that , you are just feeling lilttle guilty about this exposure .. Its normal dont worry bro YOU ARE FINE ..

You do NOT need any Testing because HIV is not your CONCERN..
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for someone who had a risk...YOU DID NOT...a test at 3 months post exposure gives a conclusive result.
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@LIZZIE LOU and Mak888
thanks for your quick replay and now i am felling better and more comfortable
i am moslem and  now it's Ramadan,it is very respectful month in our belief and we take fast the only think i can give for your kindness and help i pray for you two and wishes the best for u
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