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Had unprotected sex twice with a woman who tested hiv positive after the encounter

Hi. I had unprotected sex with a girl almost 4 weeks ago, and we immediately discussed HIV testing. In three weeks, I tested negative. Should I be concerned about an infection.
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Unprotected vaginal, or anal?
What type of test did you take?
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Vaginal and I took the finger prick antibody test
Also, she says the mentioned that her viral load is low, I am in South Africa and not sure if it is standard practice to check viral load of every hiv positive case upon a testing. She also doesn't seem worried about her recent suppose test results and told me that she knows I'm not at risk.
Duo will be conclusive after 4 weeks but antibody needs 3 months.
Antibody-only tests are not considered conclusive until 90 days after the event.

Having said that, vaginal sex is pretty low risk, but not zero risk.  If she had an undetectable viral load, you would really have been at no risk.  

It is NOT her place to tell you you're not at risk, and her level of concern means absolutely nothing at all.  You probably didn't get HIV from these events, but test at 90 days to be sure.
Thank you. What other tests can I do now that will give me reliable and conclusive results. I'm now on my 4th week post exposure.
Also, I had some flu like symptoms (I felt like there was mucus stuck on my throat, stuffed nose and headaches), this happend 8-10 days after exposure.
Your options for testing sooner are to take a 4th-generation test, or get an RNA test.  Talk to your doctor about both of those if you don't have a sexual health clinic near you.

Symptoms, or lack of symptoms, are not predictive of HIV infection, so I have no comment on those.
Thank you for your response. I will give an update on the results of an Elisa test soon.
Hello. Results of an Elisa test taken 29 days after exposure came back negative. Am I in the clear or should I take another test again after a certain period?
ELISA is a method, not a specific HIV test.  If it was an antibody-only test, it is not considered conclusive until 90 days.
Sorry it's the 4th generation test
If you took a 4th generation test at 29 days, your result will not change and you are negative.  No need to test further.
Sorry, it was the 4th generation test
Thank you

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