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HIV 4TH Gen Finger Stick Results

I had a HIV finger stick test 47 days post possible exposure. I am on PrEP. Result was negative and the doctor said that as the test was 4th gen, the rapid test conducted was 100% conclusive. I am worried that PrEP would effect the result. Can you advise please?
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What was your "possible exposure?"
Anal unprotected
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What was your exposure and were you taking Prep as preventative or maintenance?
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Thanks for your response. As a preventive however I missed my daily prep dose the next day
You have been asked to state what was your activity that exposed you to hiv.
Sexual intercourse
vagina protected or anal proteced
Anal unprotected
well, I'll take your word for it. Many who are so coy about their actual exposure exaggerate it. Unprotected anal is actually LOW risk. It's less than one percent chance of transmission. Which means it is HIGHLY unlikely. You were taking Prep prophylacticly, correct?
I was but I missed the dose the following day. Took prep every day before and including the day of the potential exposure. Just missed the following day.
The point of me asking was related to your test timing. Your test should be accurate and your doctor agreed. You had such a low risk and had been on Prep. Missing one dose of Prep is not supposed to cause a dip in protection. https://prepdaily.org/what-if-i-miss-a-dose/
Thanks so much for your reply!!

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