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HIV Anxiety and Breastfeeding

I'm sorry if this is a stupid question but I am scared to breastfeed my son right now over this, so I'm hoping someone can tell me if there is any risk of contracting HIV from the following scenario.

Today my co-worker had a nose bleed and soon after used my pen.  Right after I used the same pen, then I accidently scraped my knuckle on my desk drawer and it started bleeding.  I touched the cut with my finger.  Then I remembered that the person who had used my pen had a nosebleed and may of have blood on their hands still.

So my question is, is there any way HIV could be transferred from their hands, to my pen and then to me if I touched the pen right after they touched it and then touched my cut?

I have some HIV anxiety/ OCD and I am tired and scared that I could give my baby HIV over this.  Is it possible to get HIV this way?
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I read online that HIV only lasts a few seconds outside the body and other sources say a few minutes.  If it is a few minutes could it not potentially have been transferred to my cut?

Sorry to ask again. You were very clear I'm just still a little concerned just because I am breastfeeding.
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Please could someone explain to me why this is not risk so I can let it go
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HIV is not transmitted outside the body, from minor cuts, from enviromantal objects...etc.
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