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HIV Symptoms ? 10th Week


I have had protected sex with a sex worker on 23rd May.
A condom was used and i ejaculated when inside her.
But I am scared that there might be a hole poked into it (haven't observed while putting it on)

Today is the 67th day.
During these 67 days i have been having slight tingling pain in my lymphs, tiny black dots on arms and chest and occasional pimples that go away in a day..
Today i am having diarrhoea and a itchy nose.

I have been tested -ve (negative) on the 28th day (immunochromatograhy test) 55th day (CMIA).

Should I be worried ?
Please answer, the anxiety is killing, i am unable to focus on anything.
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If a condom fails it is a large rip down the seam and it hangs in tatters, so both of you would know that. Holes don't get poked in condoms so there is no reason to worry about that.
Besides, you tested conclusively negative and were told that before.
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Thank you for the reply.
Yes, i have read and been told on the forum that the test is conclusive.
But the symptom signs are stirring the anxiety in me.
Does the usage of weed effect the test results in any way ?
Those are not HIV symptom signs because you don't have HIV so it is impossible. Those things you are worried about are likely in your imagination or were always there before.

You have no testing background but are just making up a guess that the test doesn't work.
The problem is you have no medical training, so it is unrealistic for you to have so much confidence in your ability to diagnose HIV and to have so much confidence that the scientific test has problems that you have discovered.
You just guessed that you have Hiv, then examined your body until you could find something that you think are Hiv symptoms, then concluded that you have proven HIV - your thinking is unscientific.
Besides they look extremely minor to me. Slight tingling (so likely you just imagined that) pimples, itchy nose. Billions of negative people have that kind of minor thing.
Cannot agree more.
Thank you....those comments actually made me feel the old myself (prior to this fear) for a minute.
Thanks is all I can say. :)
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