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4months ago I received an unprotected oral sex from a massage girl and i dont know her HIV status .

3 weeks later i had a very high fever no any other symptoms except high fever and abdominal pain . i went to hospital and they suspect i had a dengue fever . but it was a viral infection ? could that be an HIV . this incident come to my mind after i start reading about HIV and the ARS of HIV , can anyone answer me please  
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i went to the hospital and give me a dripper in which it dropped my temperature , i remember that i didn't had any flu , sore throat or coughing . no rashes as well .  
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You can't contract the HIV virus from oral sex.
Some people talk of a small theoretical but in reality it doesn't happen even in tests where one partner has HIV.
You did not have a risk of HIV contraction from this incident and your symptoms are unrelated to this incident. ARS aymptoms typically appear 2 weeks after infection and usually last about a week or 2. Symptoms are not an accurate way of determining if you have HIV as many people contract HIV without showing any ARS
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so no need to go for testing ???? i am afraid actually to go for testing . i am a married man and i have a baby boy . and since that time i use condom with my wife . :(
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No you don't need to test for that incident. The types of intercourse you can contract the HIV virus from are unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse not oral.
There is no need to test for this incident.
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