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HIV duo after discontinued pep

Dear doctor,

I had a broken condom during vaginal sex with a sexual health worker. I noticed after few minutes of what had happened and I changed it.

The next morning I went to a local clinic and started pep. The doctor suggested me to get the other person tested, and she was negative. The results came back after 9 days. I was told to discontinue treatment, to test after one or two months and, if tested negative, to go back to my life (I got a wife and a children).

I had a HIV duo test 35 days after the incident (26 days after discontinuation) and this was negative. This week (55 days after the incident) I will have another HIV duo test.

Following the doctor advice if I test negative to this test I will be able to have unprotected sex with my wife again (she is starting to be very suspicious). Do you agree with the advice I received? I am really worried to get my wife infected because of my mistake and even if I know that in some countries an HIV duo at 6 weeks is considered definitive I continue to feel very nervous.

Please help me
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Hi there.

No Dr's on this forum but the advice you have been given sounds perfect.

Your chance of acquiring HIV from a one time exposure to an infected female via vaginal intercourse is only 1 in 1000.

I am certain you final test will be Negative and the. You can get back to life as normal with your good lady :)
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you are negative.Be faithful to your wife
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