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HIV exposure inquiry

Dear Doctors,

I am afraid of being infected with HIV.  I am a person who is not sexually active, although I am 40 years old. I havent have any physical sex with anybody except martubating myself. Unfortunately, last November 2, 2018 I was sexually assault by an individual while I am on deep sleep. I was being penetrated in my anal. Therefore, last November 18, 2018, (15 days afer exposure) I went for HIV test... The laboratory uses RAPID TEST SD BIOLINE HIV 1/2 3.0 to check my status and I am NON REACTIVE or NEGATIVE. Then, a confirmatory screening is done last January 6, 2019 (65 days after exposure) using ARCHITECHT HIV Ag/Ab Combo and the result is still NON REACTIVE or NEGATIVE. I am still worried and cannot sleep and afraid of the infection. The health professional told me they can now declared that I am NON REACTIVE. But I havent pass the 3 months window period yet. Do you think the test accurate? THank you very much
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Sorry to hear about your assault,heres the main thing also the most important which is your hiv 4th gen test 65 days after that incident,which proves your not infected because those DUO test are typical considered conclusive at 28 days window period.
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Therefore, the laboratory that check me using the ARCHITECHT HIV Ag/Ab Combo is right? Therefore, the ARCHITECH HIV Ag/Ab Combo is a 4th gen test? Thank you very much for your answer.
Yes AG/AB Means both Antigen and Antibody test.
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You have conclusively tested negative. Testing out to 3 months is outdated information.

A conclusive result can be attained with any standard antibody test at 42 days or later from the date of exposure.

Your test was taken at correct time frame,  you do not need to test any further.
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