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HIV orally, symptoms, massive anxiety

Dear forum

I'm going out of my mind with anxiety over possible HIV infection transmitted orally from vagina to mouth. I had sore/potentially cracked lips at the time. Lots of chapstick.

Just over a month ago I took a trip to Amsterdam with a group of friends. After a day of heavy drinking around the red light area I was persuaded to visit one of the regulated prostitutes - the ones with the windows facing the street. I paid the lady for a sexy strip in the absence of any strip clubs known to us nearby. During the strip she happened to be on her hands and knees above me and asked if I'd like to lick her, which I decided to do, on and just around the clitoris only. I did this for approximately 3-5 minutes. She then asked if I'd like to pay to do more with her and extend our time, but I declined.

Here's what's driving me nuts: after around 10 days I saw that I had a rash on the outside of my right forearm (under the hair). I had been laid on the grass in the park using that arm the day/day before it appeared. The rash was not present elsewhere on my body. I'm hoping it's a grass/garden rash but scared it's ARS. It's still not completely gone if I look at my arm in the correct sunlight, 3 weeks on. It really look like the examples of HIV rash I've seen online and certainly not in the areas I see commonly listed (face, collar, chest and trunk).

I'm now 30 days past the event and feel I might be getting a cold, or perhaps being affected by hay fever. I've been very anxious the last week and drinking a fair bit in the evenings. I don't know if the anxiety is making me rundown. I don't have a sore throat, though have felt it could develop - slight burning sensation the other day - and I have no fever either. Is this ARS? I've sneezed a little.

Does this sound like classic ARS, am I completely over reacting here and what are/were the risks levels of my action?

I really appreciate your responses.

Best regards,

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Apologies, an amendment: It really DOESN'T look like the examples of HIV rash I've seen online and certainly not in the areas I see commonly listed (face, collar, chest and trunk).
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I also touched her vagina with my hand once, inserting two fingers.

Gosh, I hate this anxiety I'm feeling....
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You never had an exposure.
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Dear Teak

Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my post. I'm afraid I'm a bit of a hypochondriac and have in the past had a hard time not convincing myself I have other problems.

May I ask, are my symptoms not convincing or is it that my actions don't present a risk, or both? I don't think my mouth ventured into the vagina, but even then, no exposure? I'm very much hoping to forget all about this and get back to living my life without anxiety.

Best regards,

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You never had an exposure.

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Ignore TheCountdown, he's a spammer and his posts will be deleted.
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Thanks again for taking the time to read and respond to my post. I'll put this behind me now. Thanks again.
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Ignore the spammer, his posts will be deleted.
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