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HIV positive from a tattoo?

  I just read some articles recently about Mia Farrows's adopted daughter. She recently died at the age of 35, and news sources are saying that she was hiv positive and that she contracted the virus from a tattoo. I thought that this rarely means of transmission  hiv, I've never really heard or read of a case like this before. Of course getting a tattoo means that your sharing needles with other people, but these sort of transmissions still seem highly unlikely. Any thoughts on this?

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There has never been anyone infected with HIV from Tattoos.
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I know, that's my view as well, but they are stating otherwise. Did you read the article? I never seen this happen before, and I read the news pretty regularly. Thing is, there are needles involved, but these are a different kind of needle than a syringe. The news sources are pretty heavyweight, so it's hard to dismiss what there saying, they have to fact check everything, ect.
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It's not only my view. The CDC keeps records for HIV transmissions and I gave you the quote from them.
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Did you read the article?
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Which would not change my stance if the link did work as I said the CDC records all positive results and there transmissions and they have stated no one has ever been infected with HIV by tattooing.
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Lark Previn, Mia Farrow's Daughter, Dies On Christmas - UPDATED, PHOTO
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NYDN, AP   |   December 30, 2008 03:27 PM
Read More: Andre Previn, Lark Previn, Lark Previn Cause Of Death, Lark Previn Photo, Lark Previn Picture, Mia Farrow, Mia Farrow Daughter, Robert Garcia, Entertainment News
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"Although the cause of her death was not disclosed, in1998, then-husband Christopher McKinzie claimed to Star magazine that Lark became infected with the AIDS virus from a tattooist's dirty needle." - NY POST on Lark Previn
Lark Previn, the Vietnamese-born adopted daughter of Farrow and musician Andre Previn, died on Christmas Day, the medical examiner said Monday.
Lark Previn, 35, a mother of two girls, had been ailing for a decade. A cause of death was not released.
Her two daughters, Sara, 13, and Christine, 12, sat in the front row at her wake last night at a Brooklyn funeral home.
Keep reading the initial Lark Previn NYDN article
They did a follow-up Lark article:
Actress Mia Farrow sat in the front pew of a Brooklyn church Tuesday morning to bid a sad farewell to her adopted daughter Lark Previn, a mother of two who died Christmas Day after a long illness...

"She had dark moments in her life but she put one foot in front of the other and kept going," said the Rev. Timothy Tighe.
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