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HIV rash question

Do HIV rashes hurt or have any sensations to them? The one rash Im worried about I had a while ago was on the back of my leg, a deep red, it was pretty big. But it didnt have any feeling or sensation to it at all it was just there it never bothered me one bit. Comments?
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yah any help would be greatly appreciated
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did you get your test results today?
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This could only happen to me... I went yesterday and it was closed(which it NEVER is) like I said, then i went today and the receptionist is like "oh the doctors sick today hell be back in on tuesday" and there was noone else there who could read me my results, so I told her I couldnt wait that long and shes like oh well come tomorrow the nurse will be in and she can read it to you... Im dying of anxiety its controlling my every second..

But back to my rash question...
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yep...sounds like a rash to me...lol.

you should know that we cannot diagnose what kind of rash you had.  a rash on the back of your knee does not sound like it's related to hiv though.  

get some sleep...you will get your results tomorrow.
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hi edward,
i have rash at the upper part of my back have been seeing my partne for 2yrs now.although i have had headache but that was just a day or two, have been to hospital with abdomina cramp.but all blood test reveals nothing is wrong with me. could this rash at the upper part of my back be related to hiv.
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what does having rashes on ur shoulders mean..could it be hiv..got tested and it says nagative
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