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HIV risk, insertive vaginal sex with csw, condom slipped

Hello! Three days ago i visited a relatively cheap prostitute in Bucharest, Romania. She offered me unprotected oral sex and then she put me a condom(i dont know which brand) and started insertive vaginal sex(lady on top). After 3 minutes I touched the base of my penis to check the condom and it was not there. I tell her to stop and I realized condom slipped inside her vagina. I dont know how much we had sex with condom fully slipped, all i know is that when i retracted my penis from her vagina my penis was completely uncovered. I dont have any Information about her, but i have two concerns: 1.A friend of mine which had sex with her right before me had the same situation in the same sexual position, so im afraid such incidents ussually happens to this girl. 2. She didnt seem too clean(I mean her body smell, the fact that she didnt take a shower before or after the encounter etc.)
1.Which is my risk of catching HIV from such an exposure?
2.Would a 4 weeks after exposure test be reliable? Because i want to be reassured as soon as I can.
3.Which is the risk for syphilis after this exposure?
Thank you for every answer that i will receive from anyone, I will also appreciate especially if a doctor could give me an answer.
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So, with condoms, only the head of the penis needs to be covered. Very good chance that during intercourse, the condom was over your urethra even if it had gotten stuck in her during your pulling out. But regardless, the risk is very low. A one time unprotected vaginal sex exposure (condom break or mishap) is less than one percent chance transmission.  So, take that in. LESS THAN 1 percent.  Low.  You should test at 28 days or beyond with a 4th generation Duo test and expect it to be negative.  
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Thank you very much for your answer! Regarding the risk, which would be more exactly the chances of catching hiv from this particular exposure giving all the aspects(chances of her to be positive, chances of urethra not be covered while sex and chance to transmission occur)? So we talk about 1:200 chances, 1:2000, 1:20000 etc.? I would really appreciate this sort of answer.
You know, I won't get into exacts other than less than 1 percent.  Basically the risk is so low I wouldn't be worried. But since you are, test at 28 days.  Best to you
If she is negative the you had zero chance. That is all you should be thinking about while you wait, so try to do that. Worrying is pointless although not all people can stop it.  
Or at least that is all that I would be thinking about. Good luck.
Thank you very much, guys, for your help! God bless!
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I doubt this woman has very many occurrences of condom falling off inside. Because she paid for and required the condom, so she is likely negative. You can get a conclusive result with a duo test 4 weeks after the encounter. I wouldn't worry while waiting but there is nothing to do but wait for the test.  It is irrelevant to biology whether she is a cheap woman etc. Even if she's positive, the virus is dead outside her body so her frequency of washing dead virus is irrelevant.

Get an std check at a clinic if you are concerned about that.
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Thank you very much for your answer!

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