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Let me first say for anyone who happened along this thread and has not yet engaged in risky behavior of any fashion -- don't!  It is not worth it.  The worry alone will do damage to your soul, apart from the terrible damage that could take place to your body if you became infected.  For anyone else reading this, I'm sure you're like me -- made a mistake, and now paying for it.  I will NEVER, EVER engage in any risky sexual behavior again and I hope that just one person takes my advice.

With that said, here is my situation that I know based on reading the other threads was low risk but I need to hear it from the experts. While on a business trip, I went to a strip club.  After about 5 dances, lots of grinding with my clothes on and her in her bikini, I asked the stripper if she wanted to earn the rest of the $500 (she said she had lost $500 that flew out her back window while driving.)  I gave her my cell phone number and she called it to save the number on her phone.  I went back to my hotel room and texted her that it would be dancing for $200 for 2 hours.  No response.  An hour later, I texted her again and said that I would give her $400 and she could bring her friend for 'just dancing.'  She then called me and she was going to come alone.  She came to my room.  She had been to the tanning salon and I could see marks on her stomach that looked like burn marks or surgery (she later mentioned that she has three kids --- she is aged 25 and her youngest is 2 years old - she was rather short 5'4" and about 120 lbs, and maybe those were stretch marks?).  She took off my clothes to my underwear and sat on my stomach in her bikini bottom with her facing toward my feet.  She did lots of rubbing and rubbed my penis directly (her underwear removed - my underwear still on) against her vagina and clit.  The rubbing was with my underwear on.  No condom.  I also fingered her and she was very wet.  I am worried that some of her vaginal fluids would have soaked through my underwear and got into my uretha and infected me with HIV.  This rubbing went on for about 25-35 minutes.  Afterward, I asked her if she was safe and whether I had to worry about anything.  She said 'but we didn't do anything' implying that we had not done anything that could transmit anything.  She also added 'I have my limits...I have to protect my babies' implying that she has not really engaged in risky behavior before.  Also, multiple times during the event, I tried to reach down and pull down my underwear or expose my testicles so she could rub them directly, but she brushed my hand away each time.

I'm stricken with guilt and worry.  I do not know whether to believe she was safe (she said that she had never done anything like that before), but was all that she told me about her having 3 kids and losing her money, as well as being safe the truth, or just a story to get my money?  I didn't use a condom, and my underwear was wet but I'm not sure how much vaginal fluid got through before I came.

It has been 21 days since the incident.  I plan on taking a home HIV test at 6 weeks.  Are those tests 95% reliable at that point, or is that figure reserved for tests done by physicians?  I have a little pain in my abdomen but not much.  No discharges or burning.  I have HPV and have genital warts.  If I am already taking Aldara cream to boost my immune system and get rid of warts, will that make the HIV test inaccurate?

I appreciate any response.  Doctors -- thank you for your work on this thread, and I promise that in any shape, fashion, or form that I can dissuade anyone from engaging in risky behavior, I will absolutely do so.  I have learned my lesson.
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It is a long story that u have mention. u could also describe in short as well.It  looked like an errotic story to me.Any way you are lucky that u didnt penitrate her without condom so u dont have risk of HIV and simptoms doesnt seems like HIV related to me.So feel free.  
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Hi there,

Basing from your description, your encounter did not put you at risk for STI and HIV
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