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HIV test conclusive? Superinfection


I had an hiv test done after 5 months of unprotected sex, the test came back negative. I had both a rapid test, and a blood test done.

However, about 9 days before this test, I unprotected gave oral to a man and he tried to insert his penis in me but I stopped him.

I fear that my test was false, what if I had hiv from the unprotected sex 5 months ago, and then what if that event + rough oral 10 days before the test reinfected me with hiv, causing superinfection.

Would this reinfection change the test results in anyway, since I would have been in a second window period? I read that antibodies may get reduced early during the reinfection “superinfection” window period?
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The second event which involved only oral was A NO RISK EVENT.

The only risks are vaginal and anal with no protection
Sharing syringes.

Oral sex doesnt transmit hiv.

Youre test after 5 months is conclusive. Youre negative.
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Thank you very much!!
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While unprotected sex is a risk for HIV, the statistic is very low as to those who actually get HIV.  It's less than 2 percent from a single unprotected episode.  And you have tested negative proving that.  Your episode 10 days prior to testing of rough oral sex is not going to interfere. Oral sex, rough or not, is not a risk for HIV.  People only get HIV from unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles. Saliva and air inactivate the virus.  So, your situation does not warrant any worry or follow up testing.  
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Thank you!!! So lets say if I had engaged in unprotected sex instead of the oral, would that have interfered with the test? I remember him trying to insert his penis inside me vaginally, but I did stop him. I still worry what if the head did enter, probably not, but there could have been a chance definitely.  
What do you mean interfere?  Basically, the test after the first episode is conclusive for THAT first episode.  But it would not be conclusive for the one that happened 10 days before the test.  That's how antibodies work. So, it wouldn't matter what the sexual exposure/episode was the 10 days before the test, the test would be giving you the results for negative or positive for the first episode.  Super infection and all of that is kind of in your mind. That's not how it works.  Your episode that was first -  unprotected 5 months ago did not result in HIV (it rarely does, less than 2 percent of the time).  That is what your test told you and your activity right before the test does not change that.  If your activity 10 days before the test was risky, you'd need to test with a fourth generation test 28 days after THAT but it was rough oral, so you don't need to test.  
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