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HIV test results

Good evening forum. About 8 months back i had a vaginal intercourse with a woman of unknown HIV status (prostitute)  (My first time sex) without protection (I know very stupid and never will this happen again). I had two tests done at 7.5 weeks (Negative) and 11.5 weeks (81 days) also negative. At that time i put HIV behind me. But now i have this feeling that if i go and test again i might test positve, i did not have any more contacts during this period. I know this is some kind of HIV phobia. I need some advice, was my 81 day negative conclusive? And what are the chances that it was a false negative? Is there a possibility i had a late seroconversion? I am 23 years old i don't drink or smoke.
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81 days is good enough and conclusive and you are not a late seroconverter,what you are is a very lucky man.In future always use protection.You have avoided the big H.All the best.
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Ok thank you very much! I hope that you are correct! I just don't know how to get rid of this PHOBIA! Perhaps i should take the 8 month test. But i can't get over the fear that i might turn positve and can't force my self to take the test. But i am also afraid if i don't take the test and make sure i am 100% HIV free i might be infected and not knowing about it. I know this is wierd but thats how i feel and i have no idea why.
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That's up to you if you want to test but it will be negative again I can assure you.If you have an HIV phobia you need to seek therapy or it will never get better.
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Thank you for the kind advice. But i will not be taking the 6 month test and will overcome this phobia.
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Welldone,you are already taking steps in the right direction to overcome your phobias.All the best.
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